MTA Signing Bonus

We are offering a $300 signing bonus!

For a limited time, Medical Transfer Attendant (MTA) new hires will receive a signing bonus*. Ottawa new hires are not included in the signing bonus.

Here is how our MTA Signing Bonus Program works:

  • The signing bonus program is only applicable to MTA new hires at our Spectrum Patient Services bases (excluding Ottawa)
  • The new hire must be hired between the dates of October 1, 2018 - December 31, 2019
  • The payment will be issued after the new hire is employed with Spectrum Patient Services as an MTA for 3 months and has completed 420 hours of work
  • The signing bonus will be issued as a one-time payment of $300.00

To learn more about this position and to apply online, please visit

*Terms and conditions apply. The Medical Transfer Attendant new hire must not have been a previous Spectrum employee within the last 365 days. Ottawa new hires are not included in the signing bonus.

Already work at Spectrum?

Refer an MTA to us and you both benefit! Here's how the Employee Referral Bonus Program works:

1. Invite your family/friends to apply on our website OR through email:

2. Remind your referral to include your name on their application.

3. You will receive $300 when the new employee has finished orientation and has completed 420 work hours.**

**Employees must be actively employed by Spectrum at the time of the referral’s completed hours in order to be eligible for the payment. Management staff is not eligible for the bonus. Ottawa employees are not included in the signing bonus.